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Feature Writing & Journalism


This is a feature I did on KeShawn Harris which was published in the Milledgeville Scene magazine's 20 under 40 issue. KeShawn Harris is a brilliant and amazing young man working in DC. He was a District Ward when I spoke with him, but by the time you're reading this he could be president! It was an amazing experience being able to meet KeShawn and learn about his frankly inspiring story. 

I did this feature on Briar LaCroix, or Nick Giles, a streamer by night and a CVS assistant manager by day. I'm glad I was able to be friends with Nick while I worked there. He's super kind and has a real passion for streaming video games!

This is a piece of service journalism I did, it's mostly based on my experience as an artist. It was really fun researching things, but I was also able to include some artists I've been following online for a while, which was nice.

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