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The Golden Pavilion Hotel is a massive graphic design project I did during my last semester. The project combines all parts of brand development starting at the logo which can be seen to the right. The book to the right is the brand manual so please have a look at it. 


The hotel itself is one I imagined based on the week I spent in Japan 3 years ago. It combines a lot of things I love from Japanese culture. The Golden Pavilion Temple in Kyoto was the direct inspiration, but I actually learned about the temple after reading, "The Temple of the Golden Pavilion," by Yukio Mishima which is a fictionalization of the burning of the temple in the 1950's. 


The logo invokes the feeling of the unique Japanese rooves and takes from Japanese character brush strokes as well. Then it has the sun in a light golden yellow rising behind the roof. Japan is the land of the rising sun after all.


The book will go over:

1. Logo Manual

2. Stationary Design

3. Signage Design

4. Amenity Design

5. Brochure and Website Design


Please enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed designing it!

Brand Development

Shots Around the World

Shots Around The World, the alcoholic amusement park, is a group project I worked on in Graphic Design 1. This project was very fun and I'm glad I had the chance to develop the logo and amenities for this brand, which was actually assigned to us by another group and not chosen. You can see how the group project turned out in the photos and the elements I worked on are showcased on their own. Please appreciate the progress I've made.  

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