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5 Shot Method - Nick Halliday

I have a lot of experience with all the parts of video creation. From Pre to Post. To the left is my 5 shot method project in which I ran audio, camera, and did editing, which you'll see below. I worked at WGUR 95.3 The Noise for a couple years as a content creator. My knowledge of the Adobe suite also includes Premiere Pro, Audition, and After Effects on the videography side. 

Radio DJ/ Producer, including interviews, commercials, and a talk show.

Camera Operation "A.Guy." Web Series

Video Editor - Bobcat Buddies Series

I was the weekly camera operator for the student produced mini series, "A.Guy." I also did editing on one of the episodes and audio on another. We made 5 videos, so this is just a sample of my on set work.

Bobcat Buddies is a project I worked on with one of the teachers at GCSU. The idea was to create a series of story time style videos for children in the Milledgeville area released for free on YouTube. I was responsible for editing and creating the branding aspects as well as uploading the videos weekly. The video footage was shot by students and I worked with what I was given. 

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