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Radio Interview - Nick Halliday

Radio Interview Fall 2020 Faculty ReflectionNick Halliday
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Radio Commercial - Nick Halliday

Middle Georgia Cards & Coins Radio CommercialNick Halliday
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This is an interview with a Georgia College professor, Amanda Respess about the impact of COVID-19 on the fall 2020 semester.


This is a mock commercial which was done for a local hobby store in Milledgeville, Middle Georgia Cards & Coins.    

The Perfect Trilogy Movie Talk Radio WGUR 95.3 The Noise Sample

"The Perfect Trilogy" is a radio talk show on GCSU's student radio, WGUR 95.3 The Noise. The show was a movie review talk show between three friends (although one graduated) which aired once a week. The show required coordination and some preproduction to have topics to review for an hour. It also required knowledge of the radio equipment as the shows are self produced. Here are a sample of a few episodes done earlier this year. 

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